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Pemmican Balls

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Found this in the vault so decided to make for my grand daughter.

Here is what you need.

5 oz jerky. Any kind
4 oz raisins
3 oz currents
8 Tbs crunchy peanut butter
3 Tbs warm honey
1/2 tsp cayenne


Set the peanut butter, honey and cayenne aside.


Break apart the jerky. With the fine plate grind the raisins and currents. Follow the jerky behind so it cleans the auger.


Next add the peanut butter, honey and cayenne.


Mix this up real good until you have a sticky paste. If you want more peanut butter, honey or cayenne add more.

Now roll into balls on some wax paper. Put in fridge until you want a high protein snack.
These will keep rolled in plastic wrap for 6 months. You can also use cranberrys, add salt or whatever you like. I used some sticks for my grand daughter.

In the old days Pemmican used lard instead of the peanut butter.

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How cool are those! Kind of a sweet and salty snack. Thanks once again!

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that is a cool snack .icon14.gif

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Nepas that is so cool. You come up with some of the best things I have seen, I love your posts. Looks like it would be a high energy snack that is fairly healthy

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That's too cool...I knew about the Lard/Suet version but subbing Peanut Butter is brilliant!...JJ

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Found this in the vault so decided to make for my grand daughter.



This is a stick up.......................!!!!! Open the vault....... I want to see what else you have in there.............



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Never heard of it before, Thanks for sharing the recipe Rick

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Nice job Rick! I never heard of them before either.

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Thanks everyone


I ate the small one this morning. They are pretty good. Thinking next time to replace the raisins with the cranberrys, tad more cayenne and a peeench of gaaaahlick.

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Great post nepas!  And the idea of putting them on a stick is brilliant! 


I remember reading about pemmican when I was a little yapper....the American Indians made pemmican as a way of preserving berries when they were available by combining the berries with fat and jerky.  The word pemmican actual is a Cree word.  Funny the stuff you remember from 3rd grade....



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Did a wrap en em too.





Back in the fridge


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This is my first time i see that  .it looks interesting .

Thanks Rick

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Those are really cool. Thanks for sharing the recipe and like Joe said what else is in that vault 

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