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I just bought it tonight. I didn't check it, though. I guess I could boil some water and see if it reads 212....welcome1.gif
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Well, based on my boiling water test, this brand new thermometer is 40 degrees off. So my butt is actually at 160 now. Almost ready for foil! Thanks for the input! I was ready to throw out this beautiful butt!!!
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Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post

Me or the chicken?
After 6 1/2 hours you r meat should be much hotter than that. Did you check the meat thermometer?

clearly, the chicken... I haven't seen your actual legs! Lol And, again, thanks for the input! saved me a whole lot of heartache!!!
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The legs and butts look great!

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Everything looks great! Nice job!

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thanks Guys! Glad everything worked out Techasgirl!

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sorry to go off topic, but couldn't help but notice your '76...nice

I've got a '74 and '78...definitely a labor of love...but always worth it!

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Thanks, its a real money pit. Can't imagine having 2!

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