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My First Fatties!!!

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These are the first ones I have made ever.


I got my own pork.  Ground it all up and mixed in the seasonings turning it into "Italian Sausage".

Got a Red and Yellow Pepper and an Onion and some Mushrooms. 

Sliced everything up. 


I also made a breakfast fattie with the same Italian sausage I made and with hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, and mushrooms.


Now I just made these and put them in the freezer cause its snowing like crazy here right now.  I will post pictures when I do get them smoked.


Also, this was my very first time weaving bacon.




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Looks great!

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Looking good. Great job on the weave. 

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Gorgeous,  great job!   I'm not big on fatties but yours look delicious.

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Looks great so far! Nice job on the weave!

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does look great !!!!!icon14.gif

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Looks-Great.gif EXCELLENT job on the weave

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