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First Fattie w/Qview

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Rolled up a fattie last weekend. Here's how it went.


It had garlic, pepper jack, diced jalapenos, and Salt Lick BBQ Rub in it.


fatty 1.jpg


Did a bacon weave. Never did one before but it was super easy and made my friends think I was a culinary prodigy lol.


fatty 2.jpg


I flattened out the Jimmy Dean and topped it with my stuffing. Then rolled it all up.


fatty 3.jpg


Fresh out of the smoker. 3 hours @ 200 degrees.


fatty 4.jpg


Money shot!


fatty 5.jpg


I thought it was pretty good. I look forward to experimenting with different fillings. I feel like this one could have went a little longer or maybe next time I'll turn the heat up a bit. Internal temp was at 170 when I pulled it though.

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Love those Fatties and yours looks real good !!!

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