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11lb Verticle Sausage Stuffer

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Does anybody know anything about this stuffer ? It's from sears and reasonably priced... Just ordered the 1/2 hp grinder from Cabelas now I need a stuffer....
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I use the Northern Tool 15 lb. stuffer By Kitchener:




It is definitely better constructed and has heavy duty open metal gears that are easy to clean.


It is $229 reg. but often on sale for $209 or $199.  And a F. Dick 3/8" stuffing tube fits it for snack sticks.


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I found mine at

If I remember right I paid right at 130.00 Deliverd to the house I have used if for the last 3 or 4 months and really like it.

It came with 4 or 5 stuffing tubes and the Lem 3/8 tube for snack styx will fit with no problems

Great costomer survice I was able to buy my Lem #22 from him also 50 or 60 Dollars cheeper than ordering it from Lem

from looking at your pic it apears to be the same Stuffer the only difference is the tubes are plastic and mine are Stainless Steel

I hope this helps.

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Check out the 5 lbs LEM stuffer @ One Stop Jerky Shop and they also have the 3/8" stuffing tube for making snack sticks. This is a perfect size if your doing smaller batches. If you want the 3/8" Tube for snack sticks you better find out if there is one available for the stuffer you find since some may only have the 1/2" tube as the smallest size.


I would suggest getting o-ring grease right away too as you will need it after a few cleanings of your stuffer. They have some silicone spray and sanitizer as well which you may find handy.



LEM 5 lbs stuffer -


3/8" Stuffing tube -


O-ring grease -


Sanitizer and Cleaning supplies -



Happy Shopping!

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I have a 11lb one. It looks like that exact one but branded different. Its a Weston and it works great.
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