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I haven't been able to try the smoke I wanted to know if I set the can up right. I don't think there is any lining on the inside. It was a can of peas from Walmart if that helps any. Also my soldering iron had solder on the tip so I cut the tip off to where no solder was but I wanted some input from the experts if it is safe to use now.

YES my friend since you cut the Tip off it will be safe to use...If you want to check for a lining in the can, stick it on your stoves burner or fire up your grill and burn it out...You may find Drilling a hole the size of your Iron and placing it half the thickness of the widest part of the iron Handle, up from the bottom , will give a stable platform and a upright Can Smoke Generator that is easy to load...JJ


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Originally Posted by monoxide View Post

Thanks jimmy. If I do foil over the chips do I just build a box or do I cover fully with holes in it for air and smoke

You can build a Metal box add Chips or Chunks and add a Cover with holes, either from the same material of Foil...You can also use a Vegetable can filled with wood and covered in Foil with a few holes to let the smoke out...JJ 


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The can and soldering iron does work pretty good. When I did my first bacon I found out I could not produce smoke in my electric smoker without the pan being on the heating element. Todd helped me save the bacon by telling me about this trick. I ran to Harbor Freight and picked up a 3 or 4 dollar soldering iron. It worked good until I got my A-maze-n.

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Once you get the can and soldering iron  that you want to use, set the can open end up on a flat surface. Lay the  soldering iron on the same flat surface

butt the tip of the iron up to the can and mark the point where it touch's the can. Drill a hole in the can at this mark just a hair bigger than the tip of the iron. When you get ready to use set the can  and iron in the smoker , push the tip of the iron into the hole , fill the can w/ however much chips you need .

 Plug the iron in and let it smoke. If you get flame ,you can cover the open end of the can w/ foil and punch 5 holes in it w/ ice pick or simular size object.



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i didnt drill a hole for the iron i cut half the top off and bent it over then for where the iron goes i used a "church key" idk if that is the right name for it but thats what i was always told to call it. and made a hole in it. it is a little wider then the iron but the way i see it is that will let more air in witch could be a good thing i guess if not i can just close the top part a little.

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This is the way I did it for a few months. Worked pretty good.

smoker 006.jpg

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I'll remake one like that
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Necessity is truly the mother of invention.  I have seen some great DIY cold smokers on here.  If I get time this weekend, I will post pics of mine.

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I've been looking at smoke generators for a while in YT and considering purchasing the AMAZN tube.  I did build a tube out of that 1/4" square fencing like used in rabbit cages.  Rolled it up into a tube and secured it with electrical conduit parts.  I read somewhere in the forum that some of you were having trouble keeping their AMAZN tubes lit and how to correct that.   I don't really recall what the solution was, but I am curious about maybe drilling a couple of air vent holes in the bottom of my smoker and placing the fake AMAZN over them for air draw.  Just before I sat down here to write about it, I looked at my Foster's Lager can and wondered if I still had the vents in the bottom of the smoker, could I still do something like drill holes in the bottom of the Foster's for lighting and air draw?  I'd be happy to be able to use both chip or pellet in the can with some success.  I want to preclude opening and refilling my chip tray over the burner more than I'd like to.  I'm not too keen on spending over $100 for a couple pieces of tubing with a pipe nipple and aerator.

I would like to use it for both hot and cold smoke.

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