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frozen pork bellies?

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I finally found a butcher that can order me pork bellies, but only at 40 lbs minimums. I have never smoked bellies before  so can I freeze some and use at later time. Dont want to use all 40 lbs incase I mess up. 

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I have had great success with Frozen Belly.  I don't see why you have any issues what so ever.

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I bet they'll come frozen unless you have some hog farms nearby.

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I have never gotten fresh bellies. The ones I get are frozen also. So just defrost one and cure it then you can see how you did. Then you can defrost the rest and do them to your liking.

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Pops should be here.


My bet would be that almost any pork we buy has previously been frozen.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I've made bacon out of fresh bellies.  You'd never be able to tell the difference because of the way the cure changes the texture of the meat.

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