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My second batch of Honey Butt Bacon

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I went back to how I figured out the cure and I used 0.79 oz. not 2 tsp


This is the second batch of boston butt bacon I have made. Good stuff.


Honey Butt Bacon


5 lb. fresh Boston Butt Boned and cut to bacon thickness 
2 oz. Sea salt (about 1/4 cup) 
0.79 oz Cure #1 
1/2 C. Honey 

Coat the pieces and store in gallon freezer bag.In refrigerator cure for 14 days. Turn each day


Drying after removing from refrigerator.






































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Looks delicious.  thanks for the post

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It looks very good, but for 5 lbs. of meat you should have only used 1 tsp. of cure #1.

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So what was your smoking process? Times, temps, Hot or Cold smoke, etc????

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I used royal oak charcoal and live oak wood. For the first 2 hours I kept the heat from the charcoal at hand felt warm. Each time I added charcoal (30 min) the smoke would go to a med smoke for a short time. Then I started adding wet green oak and charcoal for more smoke and heat. I moved the fire closer to the tunnel. When the internal temp was 120 I pulled the butt bacon. This was at the four hour point. Another 2 hours and the loin was pulled at 150 internal temp. 


Smokin Al,  thank you for the information. 



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DLFL-Nice looking butt bacon, but like Al said 1 tsp ot cure #1 is all that is needed for 5 lbs of meat.  In thae case of Cure #1 more is not better. 


You can always use less cure and cure the meat for a longer period of time but the USDA advises against using more cure for the health and safety of you and those who may eat the bacon.

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Looks great. Does anyone have suggestions on where to buy pork bellies or this boston butt? I dont have any butcher shops near by.Thanks.

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Boston Butt (or pork butt roast) can be purchased at most all chain stores.


Pork Bellies are harder to come by, you may need to find an independent grocer that can order from meat wholesalers.


Canadian bacon comes from boneless pork loin.

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Great job on the bacon, DLFL!  Heed the cure advice.  You also can order ham stockinette bags to hang your product with, see my link on my sig line for Ham Bags; I use them all the time, doing some poultry right now in fact (see "Graduation!" :  ).  Thank you for posting!

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Nice work! How the heck do cut the bone out of the Boston with out butchering the the shoulder? I have failed a few times

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Looks like those came out real nice. Great color 

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Looks really good! I've got a couple of those butts to try BBB, I've done belly bacon but want to try something different. Thanks for the recipe too...gonna give that one a try!

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I went back to how I figured out the cure and I used 0.1843199997409233 not 2 tsp. I am sorry for the mistake.  My current scale measures down to 1/10 oz so I weighed out to just under 2/10 oz.


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