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My first Pork loin ?

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Hi guys thanks for your help with my ribs, now this weekend I have a Pork Loin of around 5lbs in weight, advice on smoking this would be aprciated , eg how long ,internal temps, basting , tin foil?
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I like to smoke at 250º until an IT of 140º.  Then foil and rest for 30 mins before slicing.


Some members like to wrap bacon around them for moisture.

I like a  good thick rub on them.



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I used the search bar at the top and typed in pork loin and here is a link for you with lots of pork loin ideas 

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thanks guys. How long does it take to usually get to the right Temp.
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I like Raptor's method.  Pork loins do not take very long because they are generally pretty lean   Maybe 3 or 4 hours max

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You may also consider stuffing one. Sausage, spinach, and provolone is a good combo. Then wrap it with a bacon weave.

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I don't usually do more than rub Butts, however Loins do benefit from Brining...Stuffed as Al said is good too...If you can't find a recipe you like send a PM...JJ

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