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First Time Chickens

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Well I got a new Masterbuilt XL a couple of weeks ago, did the tweaks, cast iron skillet with 4" bolts for wood, high temp rtv around door. I did a rack of baby backs last week to try and get temp adjusting down and decided I would try a couple of chickens. Found a rub recipe on here for Snake Bitten Chicken that sounded good. One chicken got the rub on the outside the other was rubbed under the skin on the breast and injected with apple juice combined with a bit of lime juice. The outside rub was put on a can with beer and the inside rub was on a can with apple juice. Smokes with apple wood and the temp hovered around 330. Both birds were 5.5 lbs and I was figuring on about 2:45 cooking time, breast temp was getting to be 160 after just 2hrs so I turned the temp down a bit and put the probe in the thigh area, company had not arrived yet. a bit of temp adjusting got it to 175 internal pulled them out and let the rest, they were great according to wife and company and was interesting to be able to taste the differences in the two versions. I was able to do this because of all the great info and recipes and such that I read on here. I had a Brinkman electric for over a year and it was funny because a local butcher told me I would be upgrading in a year or so and he was right. Well TKS SMFDSC_0102.JPGDSC_0101.JPGDSC_0104.JPG

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Wow! Nice job on the birds. Wish I could have sampled them.


Thanks for sharing.

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dools 103, welcome to SMF. Those yard birds look mighty tastey from here!  drool.gif Great job on them and experimenting with the different approachs to the rub and injections. icon14.gif That's what it's all about, having fun and making good food.

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The chickens look delicious! Great color!

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Great looking birds!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Wow those look fantastic!!!
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WOW they look great, well done

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Great color. Nice job!

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Good looking yard birds !!!
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That chicken looks perfect.  Skin looks nice and crispy, great job. 

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yeahthat.gif what bigsexy said

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Hey Thanks for all the congrats

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Nice job. So which bird did you like the best? 


If anyone has not tried Shooter Ricks chicken recipe you really need to get that to the top of the list.

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Awesome color jaw-dropping.gif


Thanks for sharing icon14.gif

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They look great nice color well done

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