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A couple Pork pix

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Here are a couple pix of some Pork I have smoked with my Duo..


Pork Loin 2.jpg


Pork loin 1.jpg


Ribs 1.jpg


Ribs 2.jpg



Aloha and Be Safe


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Good looking grub you have there.. bet it was tasty..... Have fun and Happy smoking

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Your pork looks awesome and I hope that the wife would get home so we can eat the ribs that I smoked today.

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Beautiful smoke!  Congrats!

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Looks great - I bet it tasted good too 

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How long did you smoke the Loin in the first pic

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Everything looks delicious!


Great job!

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Looks great!

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Thanks for the Qview!


That first shof of loin looks a bit rare for me but the second shot is perfection.  Did you wrap or let it rest before you finished slicing it?  Ribs have great color!

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It all looks good, Keith, and welcome to SMF.icon14.gif

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I luvs me a good pork loin and I luvs me some ribs.  Those look perfect!

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Does look great ! drool.gif
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Good looking pork!  Nicely done.

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