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Well I have to say I brought them to a buddy's place up the road and we threw them over the fire barrel on a grate and cooked them over a oak fire........ They said they were the best hot dogs they ever had..........Sorry I didnt bring the camera. They seemed to prefer the hot dogs with the large casings........... We did have to cut the dogs in half to fit them on a piece of bread.... Thanks for the recipe DanMcG..... I do recommend this recipe if you want to make hot dogs... this is a good one to try



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Looks greatThumbs Up
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I can't wait for the verdict on the different sized casings?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Those are some nice lookin "weiners" there Joe!  Not a fan of hot dogs (commercialy made) that is. Gonna have to try this one sometime.


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I always wanted to try and make some footlong hot dogs. ,buns for those are hard to find in my area.sausage.gif

I know thats right! Anyone ever notice that you can buy footlong hot dogs at the store but when you go to find buns that they don't have them?


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