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Ribs in progress with Qview

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I am doing the 2-2-1 with a rub that I found here  225*F I am in the home stretch hour and a half left!  How long should I let them rest before we enjoy?


smoker 001.jpgsmoker 002.jpgsmoker 004.jpgsmoker 005.jpgI put in a 1/4 cup of 100% apple juice smoker 006.jpgalso

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I usually eat mine as soon as they come off, if anything I cover them for 10-15 minutes or so while the wife is finishing up the other stuff.

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Tent them.                            yeahthat.gif


Any leftovers, my other half likes the next day.  I like'em fresh.


Good luck and good smoking.

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My "normal" is tent and let stand for about 30 or so min while we get the rest of meal done. With that said I have kept them for longer periods of time, using cooler or oven on low temp, or a combination of the 2.

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I also tent for about 20 min then slice and serve 

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How did they turn out??????????????

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Are they done yet?

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Yes they are done! sorry I didnt post these last night!smoker 007.jpgsmoker 008.jpgsmoker 010.jpg

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drool.gif Oh yeh! Looking yummy!

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looks good

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