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the PP looks great !!!!!

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Ash in the main chamber?


This is a grill / smoker, so it pull's double duty! U rake out what u can and let it be. 

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There is a pic there in the Q that shows the fire. I like to start a fire with charcoal to help the wood to get going , its always hot when I start going because of the coals for about a hour and the wood burning. I will prop the lids to let some of the heat out. Then I just add a couple of pieces of wood in the smoke chamber about once every 45mins to an hour to maintain a temp. The temp will go up and down during the 7 to 8 hrs. You have to tend to the grill quite abit to keep the temp close to the 225-250 range. Its a lot of work and also a lot of fun!

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all we need is the recipe for potato salad and we are complete. boy Miss my moms salad.

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My sister inlaw brought the salad! She makes the best, like u said just like moms!

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Got slobber dripping from my chin lookin' at your Q. & fixins. Good job!

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I use a sauce very similar to this one but I also add 1/4 cup of honey to sweeten the sauce a little bit, and a little bit of chili powder.....and toss in a pinch of Allspice.......for those who like their BBQ sauce sweet and Spicyicon_smile.gif

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Good lookin butts Smokey. That book you mentioned by Steven Raichlen is a great reference to have, I enjoy it as well. Got two butts exactly the same as yours and lookin forward to doing the same virtually. Just waiting to see the yard bare like in your pictures, without the "white stuff" ! I really scored on the butts however, as there was a sale on at Sobey's for         .99 cents per kg. for three days only. I practically camped outside the store !!!

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Make sure you post some pics of your smoke! I'd love to see how they turn out. thumb1.gif

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Outstanding job smoky, I am working on my Uds and can't wait to try some PP.


points.giffor sharing the receipt!

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Great job man. That all looks delicious. 

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Looks awesome! drool.gif

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Looks great

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Looking good!!!


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