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What size is best??

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Just wondering how I determine what diameter hole for the the smoke stake on my fridg build.. also where do you find "stove rope" i have looked a Home depot and Lowes to no avail. (another name I have seen used is gasket to seal the door......


Still working out of town so no pic's yet but they are forthcoming........


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I found the rope at lowes in the section where they sell wood burner accessories, I believe that there might be a calculator around somewhere to help figure out the intake and exhaust sizes, I saw something like that once but I don't remember where

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Thanks Big Casino.. If you come across it please send it to me. I have an old fridge and was wonder what diameter i should use??

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I've gotten mine both from ebay and a local fireplace store. Neither was cheap.

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I have found it at Ace Hardware also, check yellow pages under fire places or wood stove or chimneys and start calling. hope you find some let us know on your build would like to see pics

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how are you heating your smoker?


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