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Been away for a very long time!

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Hello every one I've been out of the loop for a long time, and when I tried to log back in I wasn't able to so I guess I have to become a new member. My user name is the same. I was wondering if there's anyway I could retrive my old profile? 

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glad to have you back!

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If it allowed you to use the same user name than the data was no longer there. A few years ago we had a severe crash and lost some data and some of that data was users accounts that were created between backups. I would guess that you had joined between those backups.


Welcome back glad you rejoined us

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Thank you for the quick come back. Maybe you could help me, is there any way I can get my old profile back? I wasn't allowed to use my old user name which was Smokingforlife ( I was allowed to use "Smokinforlife") my OTBS # was 111. I really would like to return and be who I was. I unterstand it has been a LONG time. So maybe I can"t get it back.


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I wasn't allowed to use the same name... I was "Smoking for life" It wouldn't allow me to use that name. So I dropped the "G" in Smoking just to get allowed in to the form again.  So I guess I'm still on the roster some where. Any help would be greatly appreiated.

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Lets see what I can find

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back glad you are here!

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Welcome back - 

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Welcome back.

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welcome1.gif back to SMF. 

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I don't know if you can get your old profile back because of the crash but I'm sure one of the Mods caould help you. Maybe you can shoot Brian or Jerry a PM and they caould help you out.

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