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Cool I will have to try this. My wife loves it I just like it.biggrin.gif I changed the post with my jedi mind trick.devil.gif
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Easy Like I said cabbage salt and a bucket I got mine from lowes its a food grade bucket so you have nothing to worry about biggrin.gif

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If you are just getting started, I recommend this inexpensive guide.



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The Marianski's recently released a new book, it's okay, but you can fairly easily find most of the info in it online. The paperback edition is over priced, IMHO.
There isn't a lot you need to know to make sauerkraut and the like, which probably explains why it's only a 78 page book! LOL

Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles & Relishes by Stanley and Adam Marianski

~Martin smile.gif
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Or is still free.

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I have both paperbacks.  I found the one Diggin mentioned was better for kimchee than kraut.  The wildfermentation that solaryellow mentioned although informative was a little vague in my opinion.  Of the three I think the paperback I suggested is the one that will give you a good overall understanding of the fermentation process and the importance of the correct salt content and temperature for a consistent end product. Of course you may glean something from all.  Good luck on your venture whatever equipment or process you use, it will be a adventure.  Keep good notes as they will be priceless in the future.



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I just stumbled on this thread. My German side of the family always grew cabbage and made kraut every year, what memories. We always sliced the cabbage on an old kraut slicer, that'll give you a workout, watch your fingers! Then they would put 1 tsp of sugar in the bottom of the crock (for the 10lb crock) then some salt (by eye), then start packing in the cabbage with a home made kraut stomper that was made from white oak that came off of a pallet skid. Layer cabbage, some salt, keep going until crock is full, finish with salt. Salt was always by eye. It was always stomped pretty tight so there was some good juice by the time you were 1/3 of the way up they would just sample the juice on the way up to make sure the salt was right. Put a wood disk on top and weigh it down with a special rock that was only used for kraut. Cover with a clean cloth, keep the scum cleaned off, after about 6 weeks your done. I was told the sugar helped jump start the fermentation. That's my kraut story. Need to make some.

Also, I get cabbages every year from an old German here in town. I can't ever remember what variety they are not Dutch but every bit as big. 15 - 17 lbs.

Thanks for reading.

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