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40 lbs o' Jerky

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Fired up  the old meat curtain factory yesterday. The recipe I use is one that came from my grandmother and is very similar to a lot the recipes posted online. You can ask, but I won't tell. biggrin.gif


I am hoping to net about 10 lbs of finished jerky when it is all said and done. After smoking it for 6 hours last night, I wheeled the plywood smoker into the garage this morning. I do not own a dehydrator so what I do to finish it is put a hot plate and a small fan in the bottom of the plywood smoker. The hot plate is set to medium heat, the fan has been rotated horizontal so it is blowing air up and the vents on the plywood smoker are wide open. It should take about two days for all of the meat to dry.



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Wow that's a lot of jerky!   So how about that recipe?    j/k 

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Thats a lot of JERKY, thats what sux about Jerky, takes 4-5 lb of meat for 1lb of jerky.... but it is sooo tastey

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It sure looks good from here!

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Looks like a bat cave Joel................ You drying some guano......biggrin.gif






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Thanks guys! The garage is smelling delicious.

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Like the kid on A Christmas Story said




Fantastic there Mi Amigo

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