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Peach Orchard

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I have decided to plant me a small peach orchard on my property. I will be planting 35 8 mo. old peach trees today  I may take it up to 50 trees before I am finished...I need a new hobby...

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A peach orchard that size will keep you pretty busy.  I have fun keeping up with my 15 trees.  They require severe pruning and a lot of attention to pests.  Do it right and they are the best tasting peaches you will ever eat.


Good Luck,   what varieties are you planting?

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Man that is going to be great. Peaches are the best - Are you including any of the whites ?

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Yes Al they are alot of work. I have been reading and reading and visiting some other growers around my area. Yes  Scar I will have about 10 of the White Peach trees and some Heirloom Indian and Sam Houston and Alberta at this time..

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Those all sound like great choices. There are soooo many great dishes you can make with fresh peaches. One of my favorites is a jalopeno peach salsa. Man it is tasty 

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When you start talking about peaches you can do a Bubba Gump thing.  Peach cobbler, fresh peaches. peach ice cream, peach yogurt, peach pie, peach compote etc

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Roller, morning... You are a man who has unlimited ambition to tackle peaches.... I am impressed...  So take pics of your new full time hobby....

Are you training them to open, central or espalier leaders ????

I had 2 peach trees and the bugs and diseases took over.... One was a white and was soooo good.... I miss the yellow peach pies bride froze every summer for winter eating.... Peach pie is so good... Dave

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Wow Roller that is a ambitious effort there. It is a bummer living in the north and not having the climate to grow some of these different fruits. Good luck with the project and keep us posted. icon14.gif

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Scar that recipe sound real good...


I got 52 trees planted today and yes by myself...going to bed early tonight...thats more than I had planned on planting but Oh well.

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Save those trimmings for smoking.  I used peach wood for pork chop with just salt and pepper.  De-lish!  I need to find more peach wood or chips.

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Sounds like a great project take lots of pics for us

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Roller and Piney?  Are you guys related?


Looks like a heck of a lot of work to me?  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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I know its alot of work and I hope that I am up to the task. I have not been doing anything since my open heart surgery 8 years ago and selling my Turtle Farm because of Drs. orders. I just want to get back in the loop and stay busy. And smoke meat...Hey and last year Peaches were selling for 60$ a bushel. I figure if a guy can sell anything it would be peaches..One thing about Pineys project is he sees his efforts right away and mine is going to take a few years with steady work till then...Hopefully my health will hold out. I will say that after seeing Pineys project and the excellent results he has achived really impressed me and got me to thinking...

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Boy All them trees are going to keep you busy Roller. I just have Two and sometimes there more than I can keep up with. But the end result is worth it. Peach jam is one of my favorites.

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Good luck on your orchard. I helped out on 1 many years ago and it was a huge amount of work.

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I ordered 20 more Peach Trees today. They are Sam Houston variety..They said they would be here the end of next week..

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That's quite a project. Hope it pans out for you. Nothing like a peach right off the tree. I love peach wood for smoking. It's great for cheese.

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Roller ,

 Plant ya a few blueberry bushes too.

  then make peach /blueberry cobbler.

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Originally Posted by eman View Post

Roller ,

 Plant ya a few blueberry bushes too.

  then make peach /blueberry cobbler.

That sounds like a good idea...I have a feeling that I am going to be eating alot of peaches in a couple of years....biggrin.gif


I changed my order of 20 Sam Houston trees to 10 of them and 5 Relience and 6 Hale Haven. The 10 SH came today and I will plant and trim them tomorrow . The others will be shipped the 27th of this month..Now it looks like I need to order some Blueberry bushes..


I have also planted 7 plum trees this week..


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Sounds very nice be sure to post some pics for us. Your ahead of me my citrus trees are still sitting in pots waiting to be planted and I don't have any peach trees

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