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My New Years Day Pulled Pork...Yum...

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Started 2 ten pound picnics on the smoker about 6am this past Saturday and pulled them off around midnight once they reached 205.  Spritzed with apple juice and sprinkled a bit more rub on a few times.  Finished with SoFlaQuer's sauce, great!  Brung in the New Year pulling pork and treated our New Years lunch gathering to pulled pork, coleslaw and a variety of other sides and desserts.  My first q-view!

IMG_9023.jpg   IMG_9021.jpg

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That looks like a great way to bring in the New Year.  Very tasty looking.  Thanks for the pics!



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Looks great.  I remove all the crust and save it for me.  My wife doesn't like it but I'll chopped it up real fine and mix a bit in when I server her and she just raves about it.  Go figure?  That crust is also great in beans.   Thanks for the Qview,  you did a fine job!

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Looks like it came out mighty tasty - Congrats on a great start for the New Year

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That looks very good, I love the bark

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Nice looking PP. Awesome bark. icon14.gif

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Great looking PP. The bark is my favorite part too! And yours looks awesome!

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Thanks for all the compliments.  One question I do have is I used the finishing sauce talked about on this forum by SoFlaQuer, but what is the ratio of sauce to #'s of meat?  I made one batch per the recipe and hand mixed it in the meat, the pieces that got some on it were great, but it seemed like I should have at least doubled the making.  I smoked 2 ten pound picnics, so I probably got 7 to 8 pounds of meat from each one maybe.  I only used the sauce on one of the picnics, the other one was pulled and frozen for future use (enchiladas, work lunches, etc.).  Thanks for your input.

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finishing sauce is a personal preference.  Add a bit while pulling to cut some of the grease and put the rest in a squeeze bottle to sit on the dinner table.  Make lots of extra, it is good on lots of things.

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That looks great!...I will be smoking some PP this weekend, yours got me in the mood...JJ

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