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Oh no they lost another customer

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Here is my first try at making bacon. First off i want to thank the guys who help me get started with this bacon "THANKS".

I picked up 24lbs of bellies and decided to do only half  just incase. IMG_20111223_114635.jpg

First I mix up some of pops wet cure. Put bellies in for 10 days in the fridge.IMG_20111223_114852.jpg


After 10 days I rinsed them off and soaked for an hour, than tested them, everything seemed ok.DSC09578.JPG


Put back in fridge till next day. Than put in smoker for about 9 hrs.DSC09581.JPG


Back in fridge for day and a half, sliced up ready to vacuum seal and put in freezer. First pic is about 1/3 of what I did a little short with the meat. It was the first piece I slice and was disappointed, but the other 2/3 looked great.DSC09582.JPGDSC09583.JPG



Can you guess whats for dinner.

I guess I won't be buying bacon any more.




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Looks great!

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Looks awesome!!!



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Great Looking Bacon!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Bacon is so on my list of things to do.

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Looks good!


That was an ambitious first run!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks like...BACON!drool.gif

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mmm bacon! that is awesome!

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Im hoping my bellies are here tomorrow so i can start my first batch. Your bacon looks awesome. Hope mine turns out that well

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Great looking Bacon

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Great job! It's nice to have a bacon stash in the freezer!

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Awesome job. Nothing like a good oh BTL,or a couple over easy with about 6 good slices of good Baaaacooooon !

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MMMMMMMMMMMMMM....bacon. drool.gif


That looks awesome! I am going to have to give this a shot at some point soon.

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Nice looking bacon. You def will not be buying anymore from the store. I know I don't yahoo.gif



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It looks great…..Pops recipe is so simple and a fantastic way for anyone to get started making their own bacon……Even I have tried started making my own bacon …….. Again, Great looking bacon!!!!  Did you only use Pops recipe or did you add anything to it ?

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Great bacon. What temp did you smoke at?

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Looks great! Home smoked bacon is the only way to go!

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And you can slice it thick if you want to. It came out very nice. It's on my list of things to do.

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Bacon!! Awesome. Hadn't thought about bacon. Thanks for the info.

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