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Catnts  I appreciate the laugh.  Two completely different meanings!     The pencil in the bottom left corner of your post is an edit feature.  You can click on it and make minor changes to your post.

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thank you good sir. This is the first forum I have ever been a part of. Question- if I want to start talking about another topic or post pictures of my food should I start a new thread? and if so what is the best way to do so?

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Yes please do that when you want to change subjects.  Also 



Would you please update your profile information to include your location.


We are looking to run a query on the database to see how many members we have in different areas of the country and across the globe. This will be important for planning meet ups, gatherings and events. We don't need specifics such as what part of town you live in or even what town you live in if you are uncomfortable with that, but we would like for you to at least insert a state and maybe even a region of the state.


As in Northeast Oklahoma or even Tulsa area, Oklahoma and that would have been equally good.


It will also be fun to see what states and areas have the largest representation here at SMF.. We will post that information once we have it.


It also help us to know the climate you live in if you have any smoking questions.



Could you help us out with this?




1.                Click on "My Profile"

2.                Click on "Edit Community Profile"

3.                Fill in or Edit the "Location" field





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Originally Posted by catnts View Post

Trust me I have people singing dongs about me when I do ribs using my oven/grill method but I'm all about the smoker these days! I'm determined to get them down to a science. Also planning on building a larger all wood smoker this summer. I'm trying fatties this Sunday for the first time and will start posting pics immediately. I think every smoker chef needs their very own Catka handmade cuttingboard!

Just where does one get one of these Catka handmade cutting boards?  Are you making them too?  You are one talented guy!I haven't been posting much lately, but you have inspired me nephew.  Time to crank up the smoker.....I got a 4 day weekend coming up, maybe time to do some jerky, if the weather allows.

By the way, I am glad they are singing "songs" about you.

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