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Amazon has the 30 w/o window for $180 and with window for $375.  That's free shipping and no tax which I would have to pay with Cabela's.  I still think it seems that Cabela's would be a bit cheaper - probably end up around $300 shipped.  So, is it worth the additional cost?  I also notice that the 2012 models are coming down the pipe as well...  perhaps should just wait.

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Cabela's has the 30 with the windows on sale for 249.00 right now. That may be a Better price than Amazon.


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Cabalea's would be around 280.00 shipped. There is a 20.00 rebate coupon on orders over 150.00 right now also.

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Sam's Club has the MES 40 with window for $299 no shipping can just pick up there




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i don't see anything worth waiting for with the 2012 models. i was debating whether to wait or not too but unless i hear different in the next few weeks, ill be purchasing the one at sam's.

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IMO paying extra for a window is not worth it but paying extra to get a MES40 is worth it. I bought a regular MES30 and love it but the additional room in the 40 would be very nice. 


I also have an  AMNPS and it fits just barely on the bars, just left of the chip tray. The AMNPS is a must have product.

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 The AMNPS is a must have product.

There has never been a more true statement!  I love mine to death!  


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There are MANY models of the 30" MES. some are digital and some are analog. This is the reason you see such big differences in price. The digital is the way to go and window really doesn't hurt or help the cooking process. . Unless you are a peeker. then it allows you to view the progress w/o opening the door. The AMNS fits on the 2 rails that support the chip loader and box assembly in the digital models.


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Ya know I don't really see many folks talking about Bradleys smokers around here, unless they are using abbreviations for it and I don't understand WTH they are saying...LOL


back to your question, I have a MES30 and I love it, I think it makes an awesome smoker\cooker for things like butts, briskets,chicken, etc.

pretty much a set it and forget it kinda deal (altho you still want to monitor it)


and a pretty decent sausage smoker too, but it takes a lil more  creatvity for the sausage I think


Good luck with  what ever you decide on


I would have to agree with Big Casino, I have an MES 30 and love it.  I did buy a AMAZN pellet smoker which makes it even better.




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The biggest plus to going with the 40" is that it holds more, & can take a whole rack of ribs without having to cut them.  If you're looking for a set & forget setup, then this with an AMNPS is about as easy as it gets.  An AMNPS loaded with pellets will get around 10hrs of smoke.  Add a good Maverick remote thermometer and you just have to sit back & wait for the food. 

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