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gas versus charcoal

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i have done grilling on both gas and charcoal. I am just curiuos as to what is preferred for smoking I have a weber kettle grill that I use daily but I also have a kenmore vertical 4 rack gas smoker with a small wood box that holds chips rather than chunk wood. I have found chunk wood gives me better smoke than the chips do. I have been looking into getting an offset smoker/grill as well to replace the weber wich is starting to get worn out from use.

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It depends on what your looking for. IMHO you get a little better flavor from charcoal & wood or the best is just wood. But propane & electric smokers are very easy to use. I think the best alternative is a Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker (WSM). It's very easy to hold steady temp with & it will last for many years. I have gas, electric & a WSM & the WSM is my go to smoker.

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