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Reporting Figures

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Just got my latest report from the doctor's on my most recent blood test, a couple figures off a little, but some improvements on others too!:




If your doctor doesn't return a report similar to this to you, ask them why they don't and feel free to print this out and hand it to them to see if they will give you a similar report.  The only thing he didn't test for this time is the PSA, but it usually is .3 or .4 (3/10's or 4/10's of 1%, should stay under 3%).  See your doctor and keep your figures under control, along with keeping a daily Blood Pressure log and daily Blood Sugar log, too (in separate posts).

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Thread Starter  Blood Pressure Log  Blood Sugar Log


BTW, the above site was started by a nurse to give access to free health forms and is a great resource!

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It's nice that your Dr. send out results like that.

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looks good pops!

Good luck with the HDL, that's a tough number to increase

btw...LDL rocks!!--I don't see many folks with lower numbers than mine :)

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Nice A1c Pop's   thumb1.gif

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I need to get mine in writing - get the same thing read to me over the phone but this is cool

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