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Stuffed Pork Loin was a Hit for New Years! (w/ Q-view)

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I decided to try a fancy pork loin roll I've seen several times around here on SMF.  The trouble was figuring out what I was going to stuff it with.  


2011-12-31 14.30.19.jpg


Many great ideas crossed my mind and my computer screen.  I settled on a corn bread stuffing.


I opened it up with a filet knife and spread the corn bread stuffing on the pork.  I got the recipe out of Better Homes & Garden recipe book; the basics were 4 cups corn bread crumbs, 3 cups dried bread cubes, moistened with a scrambled egg and 3/4 cup of chicken broth.  Mix in chopped onion & celery fried with chopped bacon.


2011-12-31 14.38.35.jpg


Trussing the bugger was a challenge and required 4 hands (my lovely wife pitched in).  Looks pretty good for a couple of rookies...


2011-12-31 14.45.06.jpg


I smoked it in the Weber with hickory at about 250* until the roll hit an internal temp of 165*.  Here it is resting while momma put the finishing touches on the homemade apple sauce and rice.


2011-12-31 17.41.08.jpg


Here is the all-important money shot:


2011-12-31 18.06.21.jpg


And here's the Bearview...all ready for consumption!!!


2011-12-31 18.09.36.jpg


What a huge hit!  Everything was moist and tender with great flavor.  Dried cranberries in the stuffing will be a great addition in the next attempt.  Or cranberry sauce over the top of it.


Thanks for looking!


Happy New Year!

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That's a real beauty James!

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It looks amazing, must be a great meal. another good one James

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That looks awesome, Thanks for sharing the Q-view

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Like Craig said:







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That is one fantastic looking loin! Mmmmmmmm!! drool.gif

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I am going to have to do one of those!



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That's a great looking loin! Nice job.




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Thanks, guys!  The leftovers were fantastic tonight!

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I have a similar recipe for pork tenderloins.  The stuffing consists of roasted poblano pepper, pork chorizo and jack cheese.  Meat comes out so tender you can cut with a fork.  I have typically just done these on the gas grill, but am going to smoke the next time around.


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drool.gif Looks great, excellent job

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