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Spare Ribs Rubbed and Ready!

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I am attempting to smoke some spare ribs tomorrow.


I will be using mainly lump charcoal with a apple chunk every now and then.


This is only the second time I have tried to prepare spare ribs. I have trimmed them down to "St Louis style and applied the rub. They are now sitting in the frig awaiting tomorrows slow and low heat.


I used "Pig's Ass Rub" on one rack and the following rub on the other.


4 tbsp turbinado sugar

3 tbsp kosher salt

1 tsp sweet paprika

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/4 chili powder

1/4 cumin

dash of cinnimon


I plan on starting these are noon (PT) tomorrow.


The sauce is TBD, I might feel ambitious and make one from scratch (probably not though)




I have no clue why this picture is posted upside down.



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Looking good so far. 

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Standing on my head it looks like a great start!

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popcorn.gif  waiting for the rest of the Qview

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looking good so far i will look for this post .


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Brent, they are looking great so far. Can't wait for the QVeiw.

As far as the picture, I'm not as talented as Al and standing on my head gives me a head ache.biggrin.gif When you go to post the picture is there a way to rotate it first? Or maybe one of the Mods can do it for you.

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The spare ribs have been on the smoker now for 2 hours. I am keeping the heat going well, right about 230 or so.


I have only peeked once and it looks like things are going good. I did probe a small piece of pork from my trimmings and it is right about 140 degrees.


The plan is to stay on the 3-2-1 method.


I will posted a QView right before I wrap them in foil. Here is a picture of how I heat up my lump charcoal. I have small children so I need something safe, quick and easy.


I turn the propane grill on blast and place coals over the hottest part of my grill. 5-10 minutes later my coals are toasty.






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well at least the charcoal chimney is upside right ... or all the charcoal would fall out... looks good in that rub!

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Well, I am to the 1 stage of 3-2-1. It will probably end up being more of a half hour. The ribs looks done and smell great.


I applied sauce to 1 rack since the wife doesnt care for bbq sauce. I hope the taste as good as they look. I did take the rib tips off about an hour ago and tried one. I was really happy. Moist, tender and a good smoke flavor.


Here is a picture. I will post more when I slice into them.




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Looking good!!



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Looking good.  I like the cut you did of the rubs...

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nice job!!

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They are looking very good

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Brent, nice looking ribs. drool.gif

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Well my spare rib adventure has come to a close. Overall I am pretty please.


The ribs were tasty and real tendor. The meat did not "FALL" off the bone but pulled away from the bone very easily. I have been snacking all day (rib tips, trimmings, etc) so I was only able to put down 6 bones worth.


I give them an.......... 8.3..... Very good not great. I did not use much apple wood but I sure could taste the smoke. Right off the bat next time I would be a little more generous with the rub.


Here are some pictures. Plenty of leftovers so I will be eating a spare ribs and tips for the next 3 days which I have NO problem with.


thanks for all the suggestions. I feel like I am making some headway in my smoking department.




The slab on the left is the "Pigs Ass Rub" the rack on right is the rub I made which was much sweeter but not much "bite".








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They look delicious! Nice job!

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Your ribs look good.

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Maybe that pig was from the South Pole?  Could be why that first pick was the way it was????   I mean, just sayin'.....  rolleyes.gif


On a serious note, those ribs look very nice!


Just my very humble opinion, but if you want more of a pink smoke ring, a little more smoke during the cook will give you that.  But if you're fine with the smoke taste... then you're good to go.


Nice job Brent!



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Did you end up foiling?

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

They look delicious! Nice job!
X2 on that icon14.gif
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