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First Prime Rib for tomorrow have a few question

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First of all thanks for all the post on this web site I have read a lot and hope I am doing the right things.  I have a Brinkmann Vertical Charcoal Smoker and I have taken the charcoal pan out and replaced it with a wok.  I have a 4 1/2 lb bone in prime rib and we going to plan to eat around 3 (or when it is ready).  I have put the seasoning on it and put back  the refrigerate till tomorrow.  I have read Chef Jimmy J on the Au Jus and will be making that.  We want the meat to be med rare with a crust on it.  So if I have read everything right I would want to pull the rib off at 110 then into a 400 + oven till 125-130 then let it rest.  What type of wood should I be using oak, apple or hickory?  I have been smoking the past week using mostly wood with very little charcoal.  Not sure if this what I should do on this one.  The weather is going to be cool (40) with wind of 30 mph.   What am I missing or any input would be appreciated.




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Sounds like you have it pretty much figured out. You might want to make some sort of wind break if it's going to be 30mph winds. Just make sure your  thermometers are accurate and you should be all set.

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AS far as the wood goes I like hickory, I use it on almost everything.

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I would put some rub on the sides of your roast. Oak is very mild as is apple. I would go with hickory for a roast. You will definatelywant to create a wind break or you will be fighting your temps.

I usually cook mine till the desired temp then crank up my cooker - but I suppose the oven will do the job - and you don't have to wait till the cooker comes up to temp.

Good luck, it sounds good.

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I saw you looked at my post today. I pulled mine off at 135 and wrappedit to rest for 30 more minutes out of the smoker. It coasted on up to 142 and was a good med rare. Just right.

Here is the link for what i did



Post some pics tomorrow and have fun ! Rib roast is so easy to do, but it's pricey.You will make a lot of friends happy when you serve them..

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