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Different on the ET 73 ET-732

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Is t Is the only different how far you can  monitor the internal temperature?  Do both have two probes?  My smoker is only 20 ft from where I would monitor the temp,  Don't know which one to order.


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the 73 is the first version, the 732 is an updated version. 73 has no antennas and the on/off switches are prone to break. The
on/off switch for the transmitter on the 73 is inside the unit so you have to take it apart every time to turn it on and off. The 73 also does not transmit anywhere near the 100' it claims to. Somewhere there is an instructional to mod the 73 with antenna's but it really didn't help mine much.

The 732 has the on/off buttons right on the front for easy access. They also put antenna's on this unit that WORK, up to 300'. The units are waterproofed better than the 73's as well.

Do yourself a favor and just go with the new and improved 732...
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I have a 732 & it's a beauty. I really don't know how you could improve it.

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Thanks you post any question her and you get a answer right away.  Just what I need to know.

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I have a 73..It works ok...


I did take the back off and toss it.


It will not cooperate at any distance..I dont use that part often.


Course my stuff is just a few steps away.


It works great for temp work tho.


It has been roughed up a good bit for the last 18 months and still works.


When it finally breaks I will get the updated version.



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An important feature the 732 has that the 73 does not is it will beep peridically to warn you the receiver is out of range.  I had several times with my 73 where the signal was lost and by the time I noticed it, the smoker was too high/low in temp for an extended period.  When the batteries get low, the range drops and the 732 keeps you informed of the connection.

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I also have the 73.  It is working fine for me.  The removing back to turn on is a hassle, but I can live with it.  I do waterproof it in the rain with a zip lock baggie.  If I was getting another one I would up grade to the new one.

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Right on the money guys!

The ET-732 is definitely an upgrade to the ET-73

Probably the most significant improvement is the range of the ET-732.  I can receive a signal in every room of my house, including the basement.

If you do lose the signal, an alarm goes off

In the ET-73, if you lost the signal, it kept reading the last temp received.  This could cause a big OOPS!


High and low temp alarms






No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I heard so many people with problems with the ET 73 that I waited.


Then came the ET 732.  It actually performs as advertised.


I bought mine here:


Good luck and good smoking.

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Originally Posted by OconeeAl View Post

Thanks you post any question her and you get a answer right away.  Just what I need to know.

We do our best to help out


I would go with the 732, has much better reviews then the 73



Happy New Year


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I just order my 732 thanks for all the input.

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I have the ET-7   dual probe wireless. It flashed if it loses the signal. It works pretty well. Mine seems to work well up to 50' and through several walls of the house. Keep in mind other wireless things such as a wireless secirity camera may interfere with the signal from time to time if the channel is close to the one the probe locks onto. Garage doo openers may also interfere. Its not that big of an issue. They work pretty good for the money paid.

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