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MES 30 at Lowes for $149.00

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For anyone looking MES 30 at Lowes for $149.00, use the Lowes card and another 5%.


I just walked out with 1 for $154.00 total with tax.


It has the larger chip tray, built in Therm, can element change, but its a #20070511 model not the new #20070901 if that matters.


Just a heads up if your thinking...



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What you gonna smoke first?

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Hello SmkAl


Not sure.... Woke up this morn to 16Degs with not to much in site for a little warmer temps, at least 35 would be nice.


I will however try and get it seasoned today.


Was thinking a turkey, we have 3 in the freezer, got some venison I could do jerky.


But as for now looks like I have some time to think and read up on some Turkey or jerky threads on here and get some info while waiting for the temps to get into a cumphier climate.


Plowed and shovled snow yesterday, not a good cold loveing person.


If I had no wife I may be tempted to plug it in my kitchen and open a window or 2...LOL

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Fire it up & throw a batch of wings in there. Easy & yummy!

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That may work.. We do have a 10lb bag of wings.


Any idea of holding temp and Approx. time?


I would take it also about 165 IT?



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I would set the MES to 275. The wings should take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. They are kinda hard to get an accurate reading with a therm, so what I do is after about 1 1/2 hours I take one out if they look done & take a bite and go from there. Then when they are done we toss them in a bowl with Frank's hot wing sauce & melted butter. Shake them around to get a good coating on all the wings. Then it's time for a few beers & some hot wings. Good luck & enjoy your new smoker

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You had me at some beers...LOL



I will get some thawing out and give them a shot.


I would guess it would be hard to get an accurate temp reading like on a rib.


Thanks again


Happy New Years to you and family

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Picked up the MES 30 at lowes today.  I also used a 10% off coupon you can get from the post office in the moving packet or at lowes.com/moving 


If you are going to pick one up call first to make sure they have it in stock and make sure they look at it inside and out. All the units around me were floor units and the first store I went to the unit was stripped no control unit and only one shelf inside. Called the next place and had the guy list all the parts for me to make sure it was complete.


Probably going to pick up a amns while they are still on sale.  This is my first smoker so I am really looking forward to getting some tasty meats!

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Lowe's was running an internet ad for the 20070511 for $79.00 in the Covington, La market.  I found it by chance and picked one up quickly.  Put it together and seasoned it and will try my first pork loin tomorrow.  Any ideas that will help.  I am going to use a basic recipe (Masterbilt) unless I can find something better.

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I seen alot of on-line adds for the $79.00 smoker at Lowes also, but for the 20070106. I printed out the add and when I went to get my $149.00 MES 20070511 I showed them the add and they could not even find that add model # in their computer. They had no idea what that add was about. Must not of been a NY special. I to will be ordering the AMAZN.

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What part of NY you in??


Several of us here from upstate..


The 106 is not the one to buy.


It has a one piece cabinet...meaning no access panel on the back...



Good Luck!!



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20min out of Buffalo.


I purchased the 20070511 from Lowes a few days ago.


Heard alot of probs with the 106. The 511 has the larger tray with no mods needed and you can access the rear cover on this 1.

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The ad I had was for the 20070511 but the Customer Service folks didn't question the ad, just said it was the same smoker - lucked out on this one.

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cool deal

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I would of bought the 4 they had left at $79.00 and sold them for $150.00/Each. I guess our Lowes C/S was a bit smarter.

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Just picked up a MES 30 at Cabela's here in Michigan.  It was an open box, scratch and dent for $100.00. It has the owners manual and all the racks, water pan, and drip tray and the only scratch I founf was a small one on the door.  I couldnt find the model number but the panel on the back is riveted in place but there is an access panel that is screwed in place at the bottom in the middle.  Just about finished with my first smoke, a 5lb chiken smoked with apple wood. 

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Great deal V111... get some picks if you can of that 1st smoke. 



I just did my first smoke over the wekend, pork loin wrapped in bacon. Came out great.


Look into the AMAZN pellet smoker.



















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I too am considering the 30" MES but I was wondering why I should or shouldn't buy it instead of a GOSM or Smoke Hollow propane smoker instead?

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The Lowes here doesn't stock any Masterbuilt smokers!



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This is my first smoker so I cant even give advice on the other brands.


But I can say the AMAZN smoker is great. Get it fired up and away you go up to a 10hr smoke with no chip, chunk, adding.

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