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ok I just called my butcher and asked for a tri tip roast, he has some for $5.29lb does this seem high/average?


I know this butcher buys local grown beef, so I do expect to pay a lil more, but I don't wanna be a fool either

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That doesn't sound high for out here on the Left Coast.  I think there are better cuts for the money, though.  How does that compare to say a cross-rib or loin roast price back there?

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Well honestly I don't know, I usually just smoke, butts, briskets, and chickens, and I make sausage.


when I started looking at this forum and seen all of the other tastey cuts of beef people were smoking,

I started to wanna smoke everything...LOL


And folks were talking about tri tips the other day so I thought I would try one



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$4.49/lb for the last one I did, but it has been a while


Just don't over cook it and it will be great.      th_Slab_of_meat.gif

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To me that's a fair price, we only get them around here occasionally & I would gladly pay that for one.

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That would be a little high in my area, but if you know it is good meat, not that bad.


Good luck and good smoking.

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A little high for here too but not horrible.
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I agree that it's a little high in price but if it's a nice cut of meat with just enough fat you won't be dissappointed. I did a tri tip last week and it's one of my new favorite meats to smoke, just delicious, I smoked to medium rare using royal oak lump and cherry wood.

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Well the one thing I have learned about local grown beef, is that it seems to be a little more lean, but way more flavorful

I think I am going to try it since it highly recommended by so many folks, plus I need some fat back for some sausage I am planning on making  may as well pick one up while I am there biggrin.gif

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We get them for $3.99 most of the time here . 

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