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2nd Tri Tip

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 I did 3 tri tips averaged roughly 3 pounds each at $4.49 a pound last weekend.


 All I added was a couple pinches of sea salt, a couple pinches of fresh ground black pepper, a couple pinches of garlic powder, a splash of apple juice, and hickory for the smoke.


I placed the pan with two tri tips on the top shelf and the single tri tip on the second shelf. After 2 hours 45 minutes the top two were 150and the bottom one was 160. I turned the cook temp down to 140for roughly 20 minutes before removing all three tri tips and double wrapping them in foil for their 20 minute rest in the cooler.


The tri tips are always a huge success with dinner guests, but I think the 5-10 extra took away from the flavor. I was surprised these weren’t as good as my first try. Still, I think this is without a doubt the easiest smoke I’ve ever done and quite tasty. It is worthy of repeating.


Prep time about 10 minutes

Smoke time 2 hours 45 minutes at 225

Hold time at 14020 minutes then I double wrapped the meat in foil and towels before letting them rest in a cooler for 20 minutes

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When I'm smoking beef like that tri-tip or a sirloin tip roast I only take mine to maybe 135°-140° but I like mine more on the rare side too.

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I agree. That's what I did with my first one, and it was great.

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I did two tri tips last night for out of town guests and they raved about them.  I smoked them to 140-145.  By doing this I get some meat that is more done on the ends and less well done in the center, pleases everyone that way.  It only takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes at 275 degrees.  Tri tip does not seem to need the low and slow method.  I also get the meat close to room temp before I put it on.  I use a marinade of Wishbone lite sesame and ginger dressing followed by a rub of chili powder, salt, cinnamon, cumin and red pepper.  Really has a great taste with a small bite to it.

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i have had good reviews with...


smoke at 225° til i hit 140°... then rest in a foil wrap for about 45 mins out of smoker.......... then grill for about 5-10 mins on a very hot flame to get some crust, slice (against grain of course) and then return to juices accumulated during resting

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