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Corn Cob for Smoking..... Done...Final dissertation... until next time...

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I keep re reading Pops posts and threads on "The Old Days" and smoking all their products using cobs for fuel....

As luck would have it, a few weeks ago I was in the pet section of W-M and saw this "bird cage bedding"...

Checked on the web and it is all natural, cleaned of dust and went back and bought some... I think it was $3.85 for 615 cu. in.


corn cob pellets.jpg


Fairly uniform in size and relatively clean and free from dust, just like they said....... wow ????


corn cob pellets 2.jpg


Put it in my smoke gen. tube and lit her off....  at 20 some degrees it didn't like staying lit too well.... but in the smoker, next to the element, it worked just fine......  bride says the smoke stinks and I'm gonna have to move the smoker off of the back porch.... She says that every time I lite up the smoker.... you think she would learn... well, you think I would learn... I been planning on building a small building, actually using a pallet for a base and walling it in so I can use the tractor with forks to move it around.... That is a totally new project that will have pics for sure.... just in case you need to haul your smoker around on your tractor you will know how....


Lighting Pellets.jpg


Since I was trying out the new cob for smoke, and it is Christmas morning, "Why not make ABT's and test the new smoke??"




I'll be back with some results.... I'll bet bride has her mind made up to not eat any because of the smoke smell, first thing in the morning, before she had her coffee !!!!!  wife.gif          For now she isBeating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif


Here's the ABT's ...  Some very mild.. some smokin' hot.. head shakin' hot...


I'm not sure about those "corn cob bedding pellets"... strange flavor.. maybe it was mixing cobs with the Hickory smoked bacon....

This will require another test... if that is not good then maybe I'll have to get corn from NY where Pops was from... maybe Hartz gets their corn cobs from Argentina, or Brazil... anyway, as it stands now, their cob pellets are really for the birds....


Jalapenos 2.jpg


One more successful attempt at being unsuccessful... someone has to screw up... better it be me...  


Thanks for looking.... Dave



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Good luck and good smoking.

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Sorry to hear that Dave.


Our corn usually comes in in July.  We boil it up and throw the cobs on the RV slab in the heat of summer.  They dry out and no problems of rot or mold.


Nice sweet smoke.  Now getting some cobs out of the field would be nice, but the farmers here are recycling everything and wasting nothing.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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I think I would go with Local corn cobs cut up and dried. Sorry it didn't work out...JJ

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Thanks for taking one for the team Dave thumb1.gif,  I'd have tried it too.

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Good try Dave, thanks for letting us know.

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I'm glad that you made it out alive and maybe next time on the corn cob stuff. But you really can't go wrong with abt's

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Thanks for stepping up and taking the bullet for us.  Experimentation is the mother of invention...

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I would think the type of corn the cob came from would make a difference. 

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