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Our "Christmas Eve Dinner" early

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Since the DIL works at the hospital this weekend, her and the 2 granddaughters are here for our early "eve" dinner... The only thing in the smoker, actually on the Weber is shrimp, but I had to show y'all...




There was a lot of really good stuff too, but I won't bore you with too many details...

Well there is one small detail....

Squirrel and I traded some stuff earlier in the summer....

I got pecans.... lucky me...


Pecans from Squirrel.jpg


Thank you squirrel for the Delicious nuts......


And bride can make a really mean pecan pie...


Pecan Pie.jpg


Thank you all for looking.... We had a great early Christmas Eve... and we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas....




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Beautiful. Glad you had a great night.
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Shrimp and pie, I could do that! Nice stuff Dave, Merry Christmas.

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I'm thinking the same as Dan!


How could you beat shrimp & pie!!

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Looking good!



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great looking grub Dave.................icon14.gif



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Odd combo but hell we'll try anything twice.

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