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looks great whats the recipe.. 



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I'll post the recipe later..

Just tossing pics up right now..

020 (2).JPG

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WOW they look delicious!

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I don't care who you are that looks awesome.

post #6 of 9 time see if ya can get more in them springforms....and call me over with some strawberry sauce!

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I'm pretty sure I saw a small area on the lest side of the yellow one where you could have fit more batter! laugh1.gif


No such thing as to much cheescak! Look great!

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I'm flattered by the the comments guys but a bit disapointed at the results. I threw in one variable, a piece of foil under the cakes, and as a result I had to bake them twice. They are delicious but just a tad, and I mean just a tad, on the dry side. For Christmas dinner I'll slice the cake with a wet knife and hope that helps on the presentation. I wish I had more time to do two more cakes..

I'll toss up a full post and open it up for discussion asap which may be in Feb.

Keep in mind this is a crustless cheesecake with a fairly unique recipe.. If you don't do a couple at least once a year, you can forget the fine points..

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