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Cold smoke generator outside of Smoker

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Want to build a smoke box or generater for my smoker built from a old deep freezer it works good for hot smoking 200 to 225F I put wood chips saw dust etc on pan on hot plate it makes smoke good for 1 to 3 hrs but to hot. But I want to cold smoke so thought I would try to build a outside smoke generator that would attach to my smoker and need to generate smoke enough for 60 cubic ft smoker (or 3 X 4 and 5ft high) and produce 8 hrs of steady smoke so I can cold smoke for 2 or more days at 90F or lower so fat does not melt in my sausages or get extra smoke into my cuts of meat. I do not want to use pucks or other expensive ways to produce smoke also I can use local woods from my area. any ideas out there Photos would be nice also. thanks.Think I would hook up smoke box (electric or propane) to smoker about 4 ft away by heat ducks etc. also I want temperature and humidity to be controlled in the smoke house.
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Good luck!  I moved your thread from beef to a more appropriate location.  You should get more views on this here. 


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My suggestion is to get an A-MAZE-N-SMOKER. There are many folks here that use them and they LOVE them. I don't have 1 but am hoping Santa will bring me the pellet version. How ever I can tell you from all the research I have done on them they are GREAT.

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