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Ok I found out some Lowes stroes do not carry the expanded metal, mine being one of them, the item number for the 12" x 24" piece is 168753. Hope that helps anyone confused about what it is.

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welcome1.gif. I had the same problem delmo. The Lowe's in Charlotte didn't even know what it was. The one in Concord had it. Have you joined our NC Smokers group yet. We'd love to have you.


We are also having a NC get together in April.

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Be careful with diamond lath.  I think that stuff's galvanized.  I'm not sure about that, but it looks galvanized to me.  Galvanization no bueno when it burns.  Same with zinc coated stuff, so be careful when selecting materials to use in mods.  But you probably know that.


If it's not galvanized, it's worth a try.  But I wonder if it will give you sufficient air flow, and how long it will last.  The stuff they showed me out here was pretty lightweight and I don't think would last more than about 5 or 6 smokes.

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I went to a different store and picked up the expanded metal may try to get it together tonight. There was an issue with the sfb where the ash catcher didn't fit had a 1/4" gap on side, talked to char-griller are sending me a new one. Also have an issue with the lid not closing right and they said the holes may not be drilled in exact locations when attached to base so on hold from smoking at this time!hit.gif

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It kills me that people in the metal working business can't drill holes in the right place. It's so easy.

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