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1st beef snack sticks

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After smoking a couple of butts this weekend and liking the way they turned out, I wanted to try something else. I had today off and between the tag office and chores I decided I would give some snack sticks a try. Something pretty simple and didn’t require me to baby sit it all day.  I’ll admit, trying to keep the smoker below 180 turned out to be more of a chore than I expected.

Anyway this is a pic of the finial product. Maybe not professional but they’re still pretty tasty.
Also if it were not for all the great info here on this site, I wouldn’t have tried any of it.


beef sticks.jpg

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Those look mighty tastey to me SDiver. I just made my first batch over the week-end too. Keep on smoking.

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Great looking sticks!



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Now your sticks look awesome and I have to make some soon or the wife is gonna make some out of you know what.

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Looking tasty!!



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looks good....way better then store bought huh?



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They are pretty good if I say so myself. Next time i'll tweak them a little bit and see how they turn out. For a kit they are pretty good, but I think I can make them better. 

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Nice looking sticks. Quite tasty I bet.

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