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Pane Siciliano

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That bread looks absolutely delicious TW! My wife is a bread freak & this one is one I will have to make for her!


Thank-you for sharing the recipe!

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hey, al ~ have her read the recipe carefully, and if she has any questions, let me know and i will try to get the answers for her. i am truly a novice at breadmaking when it comes to actually doing it, but i am usually able to grasp concepts and find answers to questions.


this really is a wonderful bread, and worth the three days it takes to make. the timing is also fortuitous, if a person wants to throw a little historical interest into it ~


have her give it a go, and be sure to get some pictures!

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Will do, once we get into it there may be questions. The bread looks soooo good! I will have to try it.

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whoops ~ i just read your reply a little more carefully - lol


YOU let me know if YOU have any questions!

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Bread looks great!  Eye candy!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Very interesting recipe

Thanks for sharing


I would love to give this a try soon!

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The bread looks awesome and I really want to make some breads but the wife is on thi diet that says no bread making in this house. what I don't do in this house right now........................Yep wish she would hurry up and loss that weight so I can bake some bread............. Exactly

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