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Okay here is what I did.


Brined it in this:

1 Cup of light brown sugar
1 Cup of Kosher salt
1 Cup of burgundy (substituted 1/2 grape juice 1/2 white vinegar)
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
2 teaspoons fresh crushed black pepper
1 teaspoon of dry marjoram leaves
1 teaspoon of chili powder

Mix all until salt and sugar dissolved ( I put it in a saucepan and heated it up then put it into the fridge until cool ). Put roasts in ziplock bag with brine and soak for 12 hours in fridge, rotate it a few times. Drain and air dry for a couple of hours.  Slather with regular mustard, dust with rub and wrap 3-4 slices of bacon toothpicks will help keep the bacon in place. Into the Smoker at 225 degrees ( hickory chunks ) Smoke for 2 hours until 145 degrees internal temp reached. Pull from smoker wrap in foil let sit for an hour. Removed the bacon ( not cooked all the way ) slice thin and serve.


We had this with sauteed mushrooms and spinach , along with mac and cheese. IT WAS FANTASTIC!! Best deer roast I ever ate.


Even better next day for football game ( Skin's lost a heartbreaker to the Pats). Put the slices on a Kaiser roll with mustard.....heaven. Sorry no pictures my daughter took the camera to her boyfriends.


Thanks to everyone here for the help it was great.



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Looks great, you can invite me over for dinner any time!

I prefer venison more on the rare side, much better flavor imo. I'd only have gone to internal temp of 140-150. But if you were happy with your result then ignore all of us and do it again!

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That sounds delicious bakerman!! I am definitely gonna put that on my to smoke list!! Like PLJ said i think I left it in for a little to long and next time I am definitely gonna take it out a little sooner next time!! Thanks for all the great tips fellas!!
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I smoked a venison roast for a friends birthday party. They ate the whole thing!


1- Thawed it out overnight. It had been shot Thanksgiving morning, (7pt. 250# buck), hung two days, butchered, in ice water two days, fat trimmed & froze

2-Experimented w/marinade-1Can Guiness, 4 tbsp. olive oil, Zatarians Cajun & Grand Marlin hot sauce, 12 hours

3-White oak chunks,2" x 2" x6" and mesquite chips as needed on my Brinkmann electric, 5 hours. Kept the water pan steaming.

4-Temp at 135 degrees, removed and cooled to room temp

5-Refrigerated overnight

6-Sliced with the grain into about 2" x 2" chunks, sliced thin.


I was hoping they would not like it, but.....


I will try that recipe again.



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was looking for a good smoking recipe for a deer roast got a roast 2.41 lbs and was wanting to use wine for my brine any suggestions for this .how long to marinate and how long to smoke it's my very first one


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Nice smoke! Great lookin roast.

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