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This may be a stupid question but I'm trying to understand the risks here. What if you have to drive 30 minutes to the store, shopping and then home. Prep a injection then inject, wrap and put in the Fridge. If it was above 40 during that time will putting it back in the fridge "reset or stop the process? Should it go straight on the smoker?


After reading all this great information I'm leaning more towards standard rub / smokes rather than injecting LOL. I've had food poisoning 3 times in my life from eating out so what every I can do to never have a 4th is best by me.

To answer your question...The clock is ticking as long as the meat is not under refrigeration or on ice...Once the Bacteria multiplies it is alive until it is killed by cooking, so during the trip home and any stops or whatever, you have growth. Putting the meat back in the refrigerator just puts it to sleep. Now you take it out to prep for injection and all that Bacteria gets back to multiplying... The bottom line is, keep it cold and cook to safe temps...JJ


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Nice to know. Thank you All.

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I am a newbie here and love educating myself on these threads.  I am opening my take out soon and found the information here very very valuable.  In Nova Scotia here, the food handling guidelines still show the 40/140 rule - so maybe it is little different in Canada.  Just like you cannot order a rare or medium rare hamburger in a restaurant.  An excellent tip that I did not think of is inserting the probe into meat can cause bacteria into the meat itself.  I have to take the food handlers course (registered for April) which everyone has to take if they are carrying out a food service business.  At least one person on staff must be certified.

Thanks again!

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