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modulating gas burners

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does anyone make a temperature regulating propane smoker or add on kit for a low dollar smoker,i can't babysit my gas valve.

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I am not a gasser.  One will be by soon.


The addition of a needle valve for control seems to be common?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Never heard of one, but someone here has

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Yes  a needle valve can come in very handy to help tweak your pesky gas burner when they want to run to hot.

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Didn't somebody here install an oven Thermostat and Igniter?   This is from Cajunsmoker but the one I am thinking of was back in May or June. It was a Mod to a GOSM Propane Burner with a Ton of Qview...Oh well look at these...JJ

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Chef Jimmy's got it.


If you don't have time to monitor a smoker, use your oven.


Its funny how there are so many folks out there that are not into the actual smoke, I find that to be part of the enjoyment of smoking / "Q" ing


Using a propane smoker is no different than using a gas grill, as far as the mechanics go, does a gas grill have a  thermostat in it?, most Ive seen don't.


When I use my GOSM I check on it once an hour if that, temperature barely fluctuates, as long as the weather remains constant.


With that said, there are a few who have made this mod and Chef Jimmy pointed one out

Also Halifax has a tutorial on how he did his and it is rather interesting.


Thermostat mod

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