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Black Friday Stuffed Pork *UPDATED WITH RESULTS*

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No Black Friday shopping for me this year. The wife is heading out at Midnight and the little one is at his grandparents house so I'm going to spend a relaxing morning smoking some pork. I had these two pork loin roasts in the freezer and decided I was going to attempt to stuff them. It was my first attempt at roll cutting and these weren't exactly the best cuts of meat to practice on. I trimmed most of the fat off and managed to get two flat, albeit narrow pieces of pork.


Stuffing is smoked provolone, spinach, bacon bits, onions and garlic that I sauteed in some of the bacon grease, and feta cheese.



I rolled them up the best I could, wrapped them in bacon and tied them and sealed them up in the fridge so I have no prep in the morning and can just thorw them in the smoke. I'll update tomorrow with the results.


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looks like the start of something real good!!!

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Looks like a delicious meal in the making!

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It's morning here; popcorn.gif

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Originally Posted by werdwolf View Post

It's morning here; popcorn.gif

Yes, it's morning, but I was up late watching tv and slept in till 8:30. Got the pork started around 9 and threw on some red potatoes rubbed with EVOO and S&P at 10am. Going to either just eat them as is or maybe make a potato salad...not sure yet.



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Snapped a pic when I was checking on the potatoes.


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Man everything looks awesome so far and I bet that they will come out being quite delish too.

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It's looking real good!

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What? More Q-View you say?'s the results.


After resting for 30 minutes in foil.



Oh yeah!


Even got a nice smoke ring!


And plated with smoked red potato salad...coarsely chopped reds, diced green onion, diced bread & butter pickles, bacon bits, and dressed with AE Chive sour cream dip.



As always, I never would have been able to create such a fantastic plate without the info and recipes I've found on SMF. Cold smoked cheese coming up next.


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Now that looks good!

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It doesn't get any better than that!


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Great looking pork loin. I bet that was mighty tasty

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