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Turkey temp and 4 hour rule

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OK guys I'm a bit nervous here! Maybe I'm worrying for nothing so I'm asking you all for your opinions. 1 of my 25# turkeys was 4 3/4 hours to get above 140. How ever there was 1/2 cup of Morton's Tender Quick in the brine, and 1/2 tsp in the injection. Was going to put it in the oven but wife had other things in it, and stated if you take my stuff out I'm going to have your head, so that was out, family members say it will be OK but I'm still nervous. Whats your all take on it.

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You are 100% FINE ! You still need to take it up to 165*F ......Happy TG...JJ

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a tthe 4 hour mark what was the temp? did you check at 3 or 4 hours? or did you check at the 4 3/4 mark? what temp were you smoking at?


i'd be a little weary as well especially because you injected (punctured the skin) before hand.  I'm not sure if the TQ helps with the 4 hour rule but i would think it might help.  Honestly if it were me i'd probably serve it up, since it's a large turkey and without it your kind of SOL..maybe try a large piece before hand and see if you get sick (i ain't no scientist). 




i'm sure others can chime in on safety hazards...

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AS JJ said, you're alright,you had brined and injected it afterallbiggrin.gif,this gave you extra time...

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There is no 4 hour rule if cure is used, your fine!

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What JJ sed X 4!Beating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif

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