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May have a problem! Please help....

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I have been reading a ton of these threads about smoking turkeys and stumbled across a couple of threads that people referenced the 41degree/4 hours to get to 135 rule.  I did not know about this until after I had thawed the turkey.  I may have violated this "rule".  My question is, if this rule was broken how likely is it that my turkey is ruined?

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Need some more info... How did you thaw your turkey? how long was it in the danger zone? I assume you smoked it already. Did you brine?


More input johnny five



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How did you thaw the turkey?

How are you storing the turkey?

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It is a 22lb turkey.  I thawed it in the fridge for a couple days and then I brined it for the last 36 hours in a bucket in the fridge.  I was concerned that it may not be completely thawed since it so big so I set the bucket in my kitchen for eight to ten hours.   Took it out of brine, prepped it and am smoking it now. 

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You will be fine with thawing your bird that way.
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Did it still feel cold when you were prepping or dd it feel room temperature-ish? If it still felt pretty cold you are prob ok, but if it felt warmer then I'd be maybe be a little leery. more than likely still ok.

What was in your brine?

Some more knowledgeable folks should be along shortly to help.
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It was definitely cool.  It was 4 in the morning when I was prepping it.  Still had some cobwebs due to some spirits last night.  It was cool, but I don't remember my hands getting cold.  Brine was salt, pepper, brown sugar, minced garlic, worcestershire and two gallons water.

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That's a big bird. What temp are you smoking it at?

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one more question... how much salt... in the two gallons of brine...sounds like you'll be ok...... 36 hrs in a salt brine............icon14.gif



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One and a half cups kosher salt.

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Sorry I could not get back to you my internet went down

I would be sure to check the temp at 2 hours and if you are not close to 135 I would throw it into the oven at 350. You are kind of border line on the safety so make sure you get this thru the temp zone safely

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With the information you have given.. .The turkey was defrosted in the fridge for a few days and was placed in a bucket of salt brine for 36 hrs in the fridge and then was taken out of the fridge for about 8 hrs still in the brine. With the turkey sitting in the brine for the 8 to 10 hrs at a cool temp I would eliminate the 40 to 140  in 4hr rule out... that would only pertain to raw unsalted meat. I would be glad to sit at your table and partake of your 22 lb gobble gobble...... If you feel in any way your not sure with it not being safe dont eat. It is my opinion that you are good to go........icon14.gif


I have brined turkeys for days in a bucket with some ice water in them.......





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It is done.  I got through the temp zone in plenty of time.  Finished it in the oven at about 11am.  I put it on smoker at 5:15 this morning.  It smells great.

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Dont forget some qveiw................icon14.gif



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Glad it came out good for you!

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I want to thank everyone for their help...and a happy Thanksgiving!

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