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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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Well the turkey its on the smoker so now I just need to clean the kitchen before everyone wakes up and keep an eye on my temps. This is my first time with the kingriller in 40° weather. Brined the bird over night in a solution of apple cider, water, salt, garlic, celery, pepper, brown sugar and cajun seasoning. This is my first brine so we'll see how it goes. Got up a little before 6 to get the smoker ready and rubbed down the bird. I'm trying something current on my rub. Thought I would make it out of a mixture of butter and homemade apple butter. Will let everyone know how it all turns out.
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Same to ya!!



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Good luck! 


Happy TG Day to you too!

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Hope it comes out great for ya.


Happy T-Day 

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Sounds good, Jason!!!


Any Qview coming with your report?!



Have a Great Day, All,


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good luck happy t day

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Great looking bird

Got more pics of the slices? 

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I'm sorry I got so wrapped up tring to get to ask three dinners that I missed the best pictures. But everyone loved the apple butter addition.
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I understand Jason, it can get hectic sometimes.

I have wanted to try the apple butter on some chickens but never have.


Thanks for sharing 

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