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Ready For Grandmother's House w/ Q-view!

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My Son, Will Adam, is home from College for Thanksgiving. He assisted me in today's Smoke before we head to Grandmother's House tomorrow for Thanksgiving 2012. A special thanks to Dirt Guy for the idea of the Hot Link Stuffed Pork Loin, as he affectionately calls "Porcupine." And, as most would agree, thanks to the SMF - for w/o it each attempt would be laden w/ mistakes.


I apologize in advance for not being able to offer any sliced pics or a taste summary. All are reserved for family and our special day together...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 1.JPG


Following an overnight brine, the two turkeys are injected, rubbed w/ butter, sprinkled w/ crackled pepper, and stuffed w/ an apple and onion.


Thanksgiving 2012 - 2.JPG


The other meats will have to wait later in the day for there is no more room in our small smoker. Never using anything but hardwoods, we started w/ pecan, then finishing w/ a touch of hickory, cherry, and apple.


Thanksgiving 2012 - 3.JPG


Color is emerging...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 16.JPG


When extracting the thermometer probe, the juices squirted completely out of the Smoker!


Thanksgiving 2012 - 4.JPG


My Son rolling a fattie!


Thanksgiving 2012 - 5.JPG


Just like we learned on SMF...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 6.JPG


Our first bacon weave...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 7.JPG


"Iron Will Dry Rub" (our homemade Father/Son rub we created last year) is applied...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 8.JPG


Green and Red Bell Peppers...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 13.JPG


Chipotle and Cheddar Cheese...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 14.JPG


I knew we are sending him to College to learn something...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 19.JPG


165 degrees internal temps and ready...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 10.JPG


Dirt Guy's infamous "Porcupine" prep...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 11.JPG


Hot Link is wrapped in Colby Cheddar before inserting into the Loin. We also added some Iron Will Dry Rub inside the cavity...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 12.JPG


Sliced end is tied off and ready for the Smoker...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 18.JPG


Thanksgiving Day better hurry! My Son is putting a football move on me to get at this thing...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 20.JPG


Several trays of Smoked Brats of sundry varieties...


Thanksgiving 2012 - 21.JPG


The ice chest is acting as a warmer for the Smoked Meats until early tomorrow morning - all bundled and ready for Grandmother's House!





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WOW that looks like a fest for sure. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
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It all looks great..............icon14.gif   Watch out for the big bad wolf. at grandma's house.....biggrin.gif


have a great thanksgiving



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Looks good stonebriar. 

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Looks like you are ready for a great meal!


Everything looks delicious!

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Looks great!  One small correction.  The proper term for my dish is pork-u-pine.  biggrin.gif



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bravo2.png Lookin good in the neighborhood..

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Everything looks Perfect, Steve & Will !!!!


Be careful going over the river & through the woods !!!! biggrin.gif




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 Happy Thanksgiving, I don't thing I could way till Grandma's



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It all looks great from the bayou.

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Man that is going to be some meal. Congratulations on a great smoke

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Did the cheese stay inside the Pork-U-Pine, or did it try to run out through the incision??  I've never tried the chipotle cheddar.  How did it do in the fatty?

Edited by Dirt Guy - 11/25/11 at 7:18am
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WOW what a meal everything looks  just great...

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WOW looks great happy turkey day

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looks awesome. love the rub name!

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Looks great icon14.gif


S&W  Rub....................sounds interesting. 

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Dirt Guy - The Chipotle Cheddar inside the Fattie was a success and the Colby Cheddar inside the Pork-U-Pine remained in the cavity during the smoke thanks to your idea of using baking twine to seal off the sliced end. For the next Pork-U-Pine, we are considering inserting a Sweet Brat instead of the Hot Link, sprinkling our Iron Will Dry Rub again in the cavity combined w/ some good BBQ Sauce. Thanks again for your creativity...

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It looks like a great meal

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I think my next pork-u-pine will probably be a stuffed variety.  I think I'll try chopping up some spinach leaves, parmesean or a similar hard cheese, and the hot link in the food processor.  After they are blended well (without being ground too fine), I'll insert the mixture into the cavity and tie it off. 


Here is a slideshow of a parmesean pork-u-pine.  I didn't get the cooking twine pulled tight enough and a bit of cheese ended up in the pan (as seen in the one picture).



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