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letting the cans cool now


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How did it go ?

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it was a hit every one loved it now I have to make more told my wife it would have to wait till this weekend


Carmel Banana Pie 001.jpg


Carmel Banana Pie 003.jpg


my wife thought it would look good with the lines in it

Carmel Banana Pie 005.jpg


Roller Thank you for the recipe how long do think i can store a can before using it I was thinking about doing 4 cans next time

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Shame on y'all... everyone of ya should be banned from the forums for trying to get me in trouble with the Y.A.W.Y.E. police... This stuff looks awesome... DaHEll with it, take me to jail... The wife is picking up cans of condensed milk in the morning...

PS. I swear I will only eat one little piece after every meal and for my midnight snack

Thanks for the post, Roller
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I would think that an unopened can of it should be good for several months in the frig.  Glad you liked it..I made one for Christmas it did not last the day...

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Roller, I made this for Christmas using my Apple variation. It turned out great !!! You gotta try it !!!







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I will I have to eat up this Red Velvet cake first..Give me the low down...PLEASE !

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I made 2 yesterday 1 with bananas 1 with raw apples for my wife the banana one is gone already both with home made graham cracker crust but I boiled 4 cans so I may do a banana today

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Sure you can join!  With weight reduction like that you're on the right path, and congratulations!  YAWYE isn't about strict dieting, it's being contientious with what you put in your mouth and try to reduce your levels of salts, fats and sugars to prolong your life and avoid the consequences of a totally bad diet.  Sure, you can cheat, we're human, not robots.  But, cheat wisely, that's all!

Originally Posted by Roller View Post

Thats why I can`t join the YawYe club...I would not be a good member and I know it so there is no reason for me to pretend....but I will tell you that I have lost 50lbs in the last 4 months and have gone from a 44 size jeans to a 36....


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