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Cabelas 1/2 HP Grinder

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Hey Guys,


I am going to buy a grinder and, after much soul searching (and research on here), I have decided to just buy the Cabelas grinder.  I see searches on here and I know a lot of you guys have the 1 hp. 


I can't justify the price for the 1 hp, and I am just leaning towards the 1/2 hp.  But does anyone here have the 1/2 hp and find that it "can't get the job done"? 


Frankly, if it takes me an extra few minutes to grind something, I don't care about that.  I just would like opinions before I drop that much money!  Other than time, I don't see how the extra power is going to benefit me.  I don't plan on grinding anything with bones in it. 



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If you are talking about the commercial grade 1/2 hp unit I have one.


Love rocks...



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It will easily do the job for you.

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The 1/2HP commercial grinder should work just fine. I'm a fan of the cabela line of commercial grinders. Some of the bigger models are just BEASTS, but for my needs, one of the 'smaller' units (3/4hp) works just fine. Never any problem with it, no matter what I'm grinding...


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I have the 1/2hp one. I love it. Sometimes I wish it was bigger but just so I don't have to cut the meat as small biggrin.gif

You will love it and for the sale price of 269.99 its a good deal
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