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Crock-Pot Season

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I declare it to be Crock-Pot season! What we have here is a chicken stew with rice, chipotle chiles, and vegetables in a crock-pot that is older than I am.  I would like to deviate from the usual focus on food to the cookware.  I challenge anyone to post a pic of a working pot, cooking 'yer food, older than this one.




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I just gave that to GoodWill..

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Good morning I don't know how old this one is i bought it at a garage sale 28 years ago



we are using it in the winter for stew and for a Jewish dish called tshulnt



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Here's one that doesn't even have an on/off or heat setting. You just plug it in & it's on. The insert doesn't come out either.


I used it at the gathering to keep my sauce hot. It works perfectly.


Crock pot.JPG

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Al, you may be the winner there that thing is ancient!  These things do not stop working.  I didn't know they had removable stoneware in those old ones; that's the first I've seen African. 

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The older simple off/low/high setting crock pots work so much better than these fancy digital automatic contraptions they sell now.
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I love cooking in the crock pot. We have a really old one at our farm/hunting shack that is one of those non-removable stones and I hate that thing. Such a pain in the butt to clean. We finally went to Walmart and got two new ones for cheap. But you are right they don't ever quit working.

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Al, that is a classic, kudos!


Don't get me started on "digital", I just threw out a "digital" toaster.  Toast wouldn't pop up, couldn't stop the damn thing without unplugging it.  I don't need my toaster to be digital, for crying out loud. 

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Rival still makes "manual" pots.  There are far more models on their web site to choose from.  If I ever want to switch up to a removable stoneware model I would buy one of those manual ones.

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Finally sold-out and bought one of those new-fangled crock-pots with the removable stoneware.  I gotta say it's pretty nice.  Okay I also wanted a slightly larger one too.




new crock-pot

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